Prevent Plumbing Problems While You’re Away This Winter

Prevent Plumbing Problems

New Englanders know that February can be a bleak month – that’s why so many of us like to escape to warmer places this time of year. If you live in the greater Waltham, Newton, Belmont, and Watertown areas, maybe you’re already looking forward to that tropical vacation. But before you pack your bags and head out of town this winter, make sure you’re not coming home to plumbing problems.

Ask a trusted neighbor, friend, or relative to check on your house occasionally while you’re gone (don’t forget to leave them a key!). That person can stop by and turn up your heat if the weather at home turns bitter cold while you sit on a sunny beach with your umbrella drink. If a winter storm hits and knocks out your neighborhood’s power and heat, that neighbor, friend, or relative can call us. That way, we can prevent a frozen pipe situation in your house (don’t miss our related blog post about that situation).

Get a programmable thermostat that’s WiFi enabled. These smart thermostats let you keep an eye on the heat in your house even when you’re not there. They can also alert you to a no-heat situation (so you can ask that neighbor to swing by) and can provide valuable peace of mind when you’re away. Visit REBATES to learn more about the generous cash rebates you can qualify for when you purchase these helpful thermostats.

Take these simple steps now and enjoy a worry-free trip. And remember to pack your sunscreen!