3 things to do to prepare for the rainy season

prepare for the rainy season

March is here, and that means rain – followed, of course, by what we New Englanders affectionately call “Mud Season.” If you live in a place where the water table is naturally high, here are three quick ways to prevent a basement flood that could cost you thousands of dollars to fix.

  1. Inspect your sump pump and all drains (including French drains if you have them). Make sure everything is in working order before the rain starts falling. And call us right away if it’s not.
  2. Consider putting a water alarm in your basement. Available at your local home improvement store, a water alarm is like a smoke detector, except it goes on the ground. The simplest ones have three contacts on the bottom – when rising water makes a connection with all three contacts, the alarm will start beeping to alert you.
  3. Add a battery-powered backup system to your sump pump. If you have a sump pump, and you’re in an area that’s especially vulnerable to water, a battery-based backup system is a smart idea. That’s because if you lose power during a storm and your sump pump goes out, you could be looking at some expensive basement flooding.

Whether you’re in Waltham, Newton, Belmont, Watertown or farther afield, being proactive now can help your basement stay dry this spring.

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