Why an Overheating Furnace Can Be Scarier Than a Halloween Horror Movie

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Why an Overheating Furnace Can Be Dangerous

An overheating furnace can cause serious dangers for a household – including fires or carbon monoxide leaks. If these occur, it can cause more terror than a Halloween horror movie or haunted house. Homeowners can avoid these problems by using tips from furnace contractors. Here are some symptoms of an overheating furnace so homeowners can get furnace repair quickly and how to prevent a system from overheating. 

How a Furnace Overheating Can Put a Household at Risk

When a furnace overheats, it can quickly put a household in harm’s way. While an overheating furnace has many consequences, two of the most dangerous ones are furnace fires and carbon monoxide poisoning. A furnace that gets too hot can ignite, putting a homeowner’s family in serious danger. Households can also face deadly threats if a crack develops in the heat exchanger and carbon monoxide leaks into the house. 

In addition to these two risks, an overheating furnace has some less scary effects. For one, continuing to use an overheating furnace can put additional wear and tear on the unit and cause damage to the system, leading to more extensive repairs or needing replacement. If there is too much damage, the lifespan may be reduced, and the furnace may need to be replaced sooner than expected. 

How to Identify an Overheating Furnace

bad smellThe way for homeowners to prevent threatening risks from an overheating furnace is to identify the symptoms as quickly as possible. The faster a property owner recognizes the signs of an overheating issue, the quicker they can schedule furnace repairs with a professional. 

Various signs can indicate an overheating furnace. Some symptoms homeowners might notice first are burning odors, short cycling, or the furnace shuts off to protect itself. An overheating furnace can also make a loud humming or other strange noises. If these signs are noticed, a professional should be called quickly to solve it.

Steps to Help Prevent an Overheating Furnace

air filter The best way to deal with an overheating furnace is to prevent it from happening in the first place. HVAC contractors recommend scheduling yearly furnace maintenance services. During a routine tune-up, technicians will inspect the unit for defects that could lead to overheating. They can then repair the issues to prevent larger problems like overheating from happening.

Homeowners should also perform air filter replacement around every 1 to 3 months, or when recommended, depending on the type of furnace filter their system uses, to ensure air can flow through them properly and prevent the furnace from overheating.

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