Low Water Pressure in the Shower? Here Are Possible Reasons Why


Why You May Have Low Water Pressure in Your Shower

For many, a nice, relaxing shower is a morning ritual or a stress reliever at the end of a long day. But when someone is unexpectedly greeted with low water pressure, it can quickly ruin their showering experience and indicate an underlying problem with the plumbing. Numerous issues can lead to low water pressure in the shower, and this post will share some common reasons.

water heaterProblem With the Water Heater

A malfunctioning water heater could be a possible cause of low water pressure in the shower if the water pressure problems occur only with the hot water. To determine if it’s an issue with the water heater, plumbers can perform an inspection of the water heating system.

They can check the hot water tank to look for sediment or signs of corrosion and rust. They will also look at the pressure regulator to ensure it’s working correctly and check the valves to see if any are closed or partially closed. Plumbers can also inspect the hot water pipes connected to the unit for clogs or leaks.

Issues in the Pipes, Including Leaks or Clogs

When determining what causes low water pressure in a shower and other fixtures throughout the house, plumbers can check the water lines for leaks or clogs. A leak can cause low water pressure by preventing some water from reaching the plumbing fixture. To help determine if a leak is causing the problem, homeowners can look for signs of leaks like water damage or high water costs. The water meter can also be used to check for leaks.

A pipe clog can also reduce water pressure throughout the home since a blockage will restrict the water flow. Plumbers can help homeowners determine whether a clog is the culprit of poor water pressure and figure out the best way to fix it and restore good water pressure to the home. 

showerhead serviceA Clogged Showerhead

Low water pressure that only occurs in the shower and no other fixtures can be caused by the shower head itself. If the shower head has mineral scale buildup, it can prevent water from fully flowing through the shower head, reducing the water pressure with hot or cold water coming out of it. 

If the showerhead is older and clogged or malfunctioning, plumbers may recommend installing a new one. Homeowners can take the opportunity to upgrade to a more luxurious or water-efficient showerhead. Or, if the shower head isn’t old, homeowners may choose to clean it to restore normal water pressure.

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