Gas Log Fireplace Services in Waltham, MA

Add extra warmth to your home by installing a gas log fireplace. Call S.D.H. Plumbing & Heating at 617-304-8890 for gas log fireplace repairs and installations in Middlesex & Norfolk Counties.

Gas log fireplaces can provide many benefits to your house. They provide the ambiance of a real fire without the mess to clean up afterward – or the smoke that can irritate respiratory issues – and add warmth to your home to help you reduce your heating bill. When you need a gas fireplace installation, call our experts at S.D.H. Plumbing & Heating for appointments in Waltham, MA. Our technicians are licensed and highly trained.

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Common Gas Log Fireplace Repair Issues

Like all appliances and systems in your house, occasionally your gas log fireplace can encounter issues that need to be repaired. These problems can vary, but some of the most common problems our technicians encounter in Eastern Massachusetts include:

  • The burning doesn’t turn on
  • The ignition doesn’t work
  • The blower malfunctions
  • There is a buildup of soot that needs to be removed

If you notice these issues at your home, call our technicians at S.D.H. Plumbing & Heating to schedule repairs.