Bathroom Remodeling Services in Waltham, MA

Is it time to upgrade your bathroom? Call S.D.H. Plumbing & Heating at 617-304-8890 for services in Middlesex & Norfolk Counties.

Are you tired of your old showerhead and need an upgrade? Are your faucets stained with limescale? Do you need a bathroom sink replacement? It can be time to schedule bathroom remodeling services. Call our plumbers at S.D.H. Plumbing & Heating for appointments in Waltham, MA. Our plumbers are licensed and highly trained.

Does your leaky kitchen faucet need to be replaced? Call us for kitchen plumbing services.

When To Schedule Shower Repairs

Do you need shower repairs? If it’s time for shower enclosure repairs, shower replacements, or shower installations you need to schedule professional services. Some reasons to call our experts at S.D.H. Plumbing & Heating include:

  • There’s a bad odor coming from the shower enclosure. This can be due to a clog.
  • You’re showering in standing water because of a blockage.
  • There’s a leak. If your shower head or faucet is leaking, you need an expert to inspect it and determine the problem.
  • The water pressure is too low (and it’s not due to a low flow showerhead), it can indicate an issue with the faucet, or that you need a shower head replacement.
  • There is a rattling sound coming from the pipes. This can be due to a valve issue, but an expert needs to make the repairs.